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Fried Egg (Friday Parody) Fried Egg (Friday Parody)

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This is just the song I want to wake up to every morning on my radio.
Awesome job as usual.

Epic Little Drummer Boy Epic Little Drummer Boy

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Love the song. Now all you need is Hania to sing Peace on Earth with you.

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Don't Stop Believing (Cover) Don't Stop Believing (Cover)

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Lovely song, great harmony, and I love the composing. Hoping to hear more.

P.S. I am Russia.

the Insult song (swearing) the Insult song (swearing)

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This sounds similar to Eric Cartman's Kyle's Mom's a Bitch. Amazing though.

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Stalagmite responds:

it does! infact that is one of the inspirations for this song! that and mary poppins hehe :P

Lovely elevator music Lovely elevator music

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I request

I request this song with sung lyrics.

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-ganon95- Smash Bros Brawl -ganon95- Smash Bros Brawl

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Not techno

This sounds a bit like classical than techno because of the piano. Sounds good though.

ganon95 responds: