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Lol racists joke

I did not expect this out of the blue. It gave me quite the surprise. Fantastic work to the team.

Okay... i laughed.

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It was fun to a point. Then stuff got difficult.

The problem I had with this game is it's lack of clues. In order to make a puzzle work it that it can't be too obvious and not too subtle. There is one puzzle I was looking so keen to solve and that's where I started to get frustrated. It was the most obvious solution, but it's in the most obnoxious place to find it. That's the breaking point. The solution IS too obvious but it's also too subtle. I don't know why I should look at that particular spot when the answer all around me. Were there any clues of to find that solution? No. I looked at every possibility and it just doesn't make any sense. That is the problem I had with this game.

On the plus side, there were some clever puzzles and the expedition was fun. Art was cute, but the voices... I wasn't fond of. Be sure to look at puzzles closely when you're constructing them. Not everybody will get it. Otherwise, keep up the good work.

An amazing piece of internet history is still here.

However, there was some lagging upon when moving right to left. When ever I'm moving Hank, he keeps walking into a wall. The way I could break that is if I make him walk the opposite direction or press the spacebar. Speaking of the spacebar, whenever I make hank do the flips and dodging, the page suddenly scrolls down. This could be a deal with Actionscript or just my computer. Who knows? These are the problems I've encountered. I don't know about anyone else.

Overall, amazing work and great seeing stuff from you again. Instant classic.


The game lags too much. Even when it comes to the bosses, I try to keep those suckers away but the enemies are jumping and skipping. It's really frustrating.

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This is just the song I want to wake up to every morning on my radio.
Awesome job as usual.


Love the song. Now all you need is Hania to sing Peace on Earth with you.


Lovely song, great harmony, and I love the composing. Hoping to hear more.

P.S. I am Russia.

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Rocky be chonky

aww... this is an adorable piece.


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