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Still Here

2015-07-18 16:32:56 by shrizumalonito

Lately been busy, but still come to Newgrounds to watch a few movies. When TV is boring.


See ya 'round

Leaving NG

2015-01-29 01:54:23 by shrizumalonito

Good bye.

























Just kidding. I would never leave you.

Happy Clock Day

2013-08-15 13:34:08 by shrizumalonito


I'm 21 (now what?)

2012-07-04 10:51:20 by shrizumalonito

I'm a stinkin' adult. An adult that watches these stupid cartoons and doesn't have a clue what the fuck is going on.


Yeah right, I'm never growing up. YOU HEAR THAT LIFE!? Now, PASS ME A BEER!!!

Happy Birthday to me!!!

I'm 21 (now what?)

RIP Edd "Eddsworld" Gould

2012-03-28 02:34:16 by shrizumalonito

After hearing the news of the tragedy, I literally fainted myself. I wish I couldn't believe it, but it's actually true. One of the greatest mind that made me laugh, sing, and influenced me; will be deeply missed. Thank you Edd. For not just making me laugh and humor myself with your smart puns and animations. But also, for getting me into creating my own as well.

Love the New Design

2012-02-08 00:45:06 by shrizumalonito

Yeah, what do you think? I love my new profile page.

Tom is still working out a few bug so read it here.

Love the New Design

Sorry people of Newgrounds that been waiting for a Madness animation I promised. And yet. Due to complications of computer errors and work I couldn't get around to working on it. Those who auditioned to be voices, thank you. Sorry you couldn't be featured in time.

However, that's not going to stop me. I'm still going to finish it even though it's late and delayed. Besides, it's only an introduction act. But anyways, I'll take this to fix my computer and finish the project. And hopefully, I'll submit the introduction act and possibly as well as Act 2.

So, my apologies. I don't want to encounter this again. Good day to you all.

Madness Day '11 Contribution [FAILED]

Comic animation in the works

2011-02-03 03:40:59 by shrizumalonito

Hey Newgrounds, [skip to the bottom to see the news]

Story of the time
I haven't made a post in like months. Anyhow, I've been busy lately since I'm jobless. Looking through the classifieds and stuff. About my latest project. It was intended to for winter 2010, but it was on production hold due to distractions. So I had hold off of the animating get those distractions done with, take a nap, sleep, wake up go for walk run, bike ride, come home, search, save, draw, and back to animating. It took me months to recover. But then, Christmas came. And, I was even MORE DISTRACTED. I was dammit, fuck this , I'm gonna do my own thing. So that settle. And started playing Super Meat Boy, which is indeed a challenging game. Got that outta my system and got on the computer and started animating. By the time of New Years, I was almost done. But my lazy computer crashed again. Deleting every fucking pixel I drew. FUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!! Then by mid January, my computer was back online and ready to draw and animate. Finally I got, the flash project done. And you can see it right here.

It's really short and silent. I could've had it done earlier if it was this short. So next Year I'm going to make a better Snow Project. Maybe one more lengthy and scripted. I have little time, so please help me.

Okay, now for good things that just happened. On Deviantart I started a group that is entirely made up of Snow Pictures . It's based on my own personal favorite collection call the Snow Collection, that has anything snow or snow related. I call it... the #SnowCollection.

Also, since I'm done with the Snow Project, I'm now creating a new series of animation comics. Called The Adventures of Shane and Dacker. They're short comics in a form of animation when it's not panels of drawings. But, actual speaking characters and duologue. They are short so instead of making one and submitting it to Newgrounds one by one, I'll be combining them in one catalog. Maybe 5 to 10 episode depending on length. Anyhow, That's all for now.

If you contact me in anyway, just PM me or email me at

As well as you follow me on Twitter

**Note to self: Find a programmer that knows menu directory and scrolling.

Comic animation in the works

Newgrounds Influences Me

2010-08-31 01:15:26 by shrizumalonito

I love you Newgrounds. You guys are awesome! And all you animators, writers, voice actors/actresses, and artist really influence me a lot. Picture can in HQ also be seen here.

Youtube // Twitter // Deviantart

Newgrounds Influences Me

So... Yeah SSBB

2010-07-02 23:36:43 by shrizumalonito

Everything has been okay lately. I've been in the portal for a long time now. I will be putting new material up soon. Coming soon...
Today and yesterday, I was competing in a Smash Bros. Competition. I didn't win but I really want to win those trophies. These are soo sweet, Litterally.

So... Yeah SSBB